The Far Rings

At the tail end of a galactic war, Athena, a humanitarian medic, finds herself alone on a transport ship with a dashing captain she might remember from a distant past, and an alien war criminal who doesn't look the part. In three days their ship will reach the planet they used to call home, but perhaps Athena will find a new future, and even perhaps love, from the struggles she and her two companions will go through. Play as a doctor trying to find her true home alongside two possible suitors.
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Use the Source, Luke (Sponsored by GitHub)
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Heiden - Coder, Lead Writer, Other Games:

Debbie Trader - Artist - Twitter: @Ryetaran, Website:

Mira - Artist, Editor - Instagram: almyki

Liam - Co-Writer - Twitter: @lacthewatcher, [email protected]

Matt Layman: Programmer - Twitter: @mblayman,


Mike Morton - Composer, & Sound Engineer - Twitter: @MortonSoundWrx

Andy Stark - Composer - Andy Stark

Markell Naylor - Composer & Sound Designer - Instagram: bongo_encore, SoundCloud: bongo_encore


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