Far From Home

In this 3D, third person, survival-adventure game, you play as Ethan, an astronaut who just finished his two year mission to Mars and is finally on his way home. At least, that's what he thinks... Unfortunately Ethans ship has crash landed on a strange, otherwise undetected planet and he no longer has contact with his HQ. Venturing out into the vast, lifeless wasteland that lay in front of him, he notices four strange entryways. Peeking down he notices one part of his broken ship, that must've been blown away from the crash site. Ethan realizes he must rebuild his ship in order to ever hope to return to home again. Searching this area, there are no more pieces left in this area, which is strange because at least four other pieces are missing. Looking back to the strange entryways, he realizes that he must search these lands for the lost parts. Venture into four different planets and combat the elements to retrieve the piece of ship that got scattered into these parallel worlds. CONCEPT: It's man vs planet, venture into different areas and survive against what the elements throw at you, all while managing your oxygen level that decreases when not at the crash site. Collect all the parts of your ship without running out of oxygen to rebuild and fly home. HINT: Remember the color of the portal you go through to avoid revisiting areas you've already scavenged. GAMEPLAY: Oxygen will decrease when player leaves crash site and will replenish when they revisit. Players must collect 5 pieces of the broken spaceship to win the game. Each level can be beaten on one oxygen tank, but there are elemental obstacles that will drain extra oxygen if the player gets injured. Running out of oxygen results in game loss, in which the game will restart. THEME RELATIONS: Our game is linked to the theme "what does home mean to you?" as home to us is a drive to conquer anything that comes in your way. Our protagonist is met with a horrible situation and is close to losing hope when he realizes that he can't give up, he needs to overcome this and return home to the ones he loves. Home is what drives everyone to keep pushing.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Lead Game Designers:

Gabriel Izquierdo, Kaitlyn Doyle, Evan Martel


Level Designers:

Gabriel Izquierdo, Kaitlyn Doyle, Evan Martel


3D Artists:

Javier Peralta, Jiwen Tang, Andy Tu, Gabriel Izquierdo.


Character Design:

Andy Tu, Jiwen Tang


Environment Modelling and Texturing:

Javier Peralta, Jiwen Tang


Lead Programmer:

Vyacheslav Medvedenico


Gabriel Izquierdo


Team Management:

Gabriel Izquierdo, Kaitlyn Doyle



Gabriel Izquierdo, Evan Martel

Game Stills: 
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