Everybody Inn!

Everybody has an idea of what home means to them. As a busy innkeeper, your job is to make the patrons of the Everybody Inn feel as at home as possible. Cram as many people in as you can - the game ends when all spaces are occupied by patrons or objects. You are scored based on the number of satisfied patrons. Try for a high score!
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Extract Everbody Inn.exe and data.win to the same location.

Run Everybody Inn.exe.  




If figuring out obscure hints is not your thing, here is how the game works:

Only orthogonal directions are considered when scoring.  Diagonal spaces are not considered adjacent.

Patron Needs:

  • Company: These patrons score if they are adjacent to any other patron.
  • Solitude: These patrons only score if they are NOT adjacent to any other patron.
  • Warmth: These patrons score if adjacent to a fire.
  • Food: These patrons score if adjacent to cooked food.  Cook food by placing it adjacent to a fire.
  • Drink: These patrons score only if adjacent to a mug of ale that is not already adjacent to a thirsty patron.  The mere thought of sharing sours their experience!
  • Fight: These patrons will immediately eliminate a random adjacent patron.  If they do so, they will permanently score.  These patrons will never eliminate patrons placed adjacent to them.



Matthew Cattron

Andrew Russo

opengameart.org asset credits:

- tinyworlds
- kenney.nl
- themightyglider
- RandomMind

Thank you! :)

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