Emotional Balance

Try your interpersonal guessing skills in this 2½D balancing Game! Match various Objects with one of the four occupants that live together in an house, that staggers on a narrow cliff. Guess which Object generates the strongest emotional connection to which person and place the object smartly in one of the characters' rooms so the house stays stable. Don't just place the Items according to their weight though! The Characters will get grumpy if you won't assign them any of their favourite things! Keep them happy and get to know them on the way!
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Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Art of Sharing
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Programming - Steffen 'Karmoq' Eichler

2D Art, Programming, Sound - Philipp Wachsmuth

3D Artist - Fabian Bertoldo

3D Artist - Leonie 'Otter' Lenkewitz


Voice Actors

The Grandmother - Clara Müller

The Father - Steffen 'Karmoq' Eichler

The Nerd - Alexander Pastura

The Punk - Leonie 'Otter' Lenkewitz

Soundtrack provided by https://www.jukedeck.com


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