E.M.O.H is the spirit of a loving home, and she couldn't stand seeing you anymore spending all your time with friends and work while not treasuring your home- something craved by many. The way you treat your home angers her, and she is going to make you regret and not take granted of your home anymore. She enforces a great punishment upon you by putting you in sadated state where you are entrapped in a dream-like maze with paths leading to the unknown. The only way you could escape it is to be mindful of your home at heart and seek the path leading to the end; the only criterion the spirit E.M.O.H. promises if you want to break out of this imprisonment and return back to your loving wife and home. Now fully realizing the true value of home, you determinedly explore in the labyrinthine alleys with the desperate hope of reuniting with the only place that belongs to you and that you love - your home. What are you waiting for? Go!
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MS Windows, Virtual Reality platform
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Unity (any product)
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Open using Unity


Creators: Alex Lee and Richard Xie

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Unreleased Game Music Pack



Oculus Rift Integration



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