else return home

DESCRIPTION: In else { return home; } you play as a robot, alone in a post-apocalyptic Seattle, in this first-person explore-em-up. Whenever you leave home, your battery quickly drains, so you must return home often to recharge yourself. With the help of an old photo, your robot pet Dorg, and all the junk you can salvage from a dilapidated city, you set out to find what home really means to you. CONTROLS: [Keyboard + Mouse] Start Game | Enter --- Look | Mouse --- Move | WASD or Arrow Keys --- Interact | Left Click --- Show Photo | Space Bar - - - [Dual Stick Controller] Start Game | A (xbox) or X (ps4) --- Look | Right Joystick --- Move | Left Joystick --- Interact | A (xbox) or X (ps4) --- Show Photo | Left Trigger or Right Trigger RECOGNITION: Honorable Mention for Best Use of Color by Seattle Indies LATEST BUILD: https://ackleyrc.itch.io/else-return-home
Jam year: 
Keep it simple
In Ink
Mind over matter
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Unity, Maya, Blender, FMOD, and Rewired

Nick Amlag 
3D Character, Prop Art, and Level Design

Josh Soldate
3D Environment Art and Level Design

Steven J Garcia
Composition, Sound Design and Narrative Design

Andrew Hung
Graphics Engineering and UI/UX Programming

Andrew Hermus
Gameplay Programming and Audio Engineering

Andrew McPherson
Gameplay Programming and Production

Rober Ackley
Gameplay Programming, AI and Direction

Special thanks to Liann E. M. Garcia and Kienan Briscoe

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