Down Under: Home is Where the Pouch is.

Narrative Document Down Under: Home is where the pouch is. Land area - Aussie Outback Hometown(anthropomorphic village)- Rooeyville A story of a mother and joey kangaroo who get trapped away from their village, Rooeyville, via the bridge back being cut down by pesky dingos. Joey went off to play as he did many afternoons. Across a bridge right outside of his village is an open grove and a watering hole nestled inside of a steep and narrow yet comfortable feeling canyon. Joey is finally getting to the age where he is able to leave his mom's Pouch periodically. Since he was finally able to do things on his own his mom bought him a boomarang so he would be active and have a reason to get out oh his pouch(he was starting to get a little heavy after all). The open Grove and watering hole had become Joey's favorite place to practice throwing his boomerang. Joey was familiar with the area and knew he could only be away from his pouch for so long but today a rough and tumble group of dingos came along and started making fun of him because his house is his mom's pouch. If only they new that warmth. If only they new that comfort, maybe, just maybe they wouldn't be so cruel Joey thinks. Eventually Insults led to the dingoes stealing Joeys boomerang and playing monkey in the middle with him teasing him. Until eventually they got bored and one of the dingos threw his boomerang in the watering hole and left. The water was just to deep for Joey but while he was trying to find a way to fetch his boomerang he let time slip his mind and along came Momma Roo who easily wades through the watering hole and retrieves Joey's boomerang handing it back to him as he apologizes to her and explains what happened l. Momma Roo tells Joey that it's not his fault and momma will always be there for him. As they make their way back to Rooeyville they approach the bridge only to see that the near end has been cut, and in the visible distance you see the same dingos from before running away with a knife. Mommy Roo Comforts Joey as he is visibly distraught telling him there's only one way back and it might get challenging at times but together with the help of eachother they will be able to get back to Rooeyville without a problem. So begins their journey back to Roeyville, but in Joey's heart as long as he has his momma he'll never be away from home, because home is where the pouch is. 1st level swamp enemies gators hazards water,? 2 aboriginal neon forest night time. aboriginal ghost slamming or making magic fall but not out to get you just a hazard 3 dingo confrontation back to Rooeyville Main Characters: Joey Roo Mum Roo others dingos gators aboriginal ghost people wallaby? koala? wombat tdevil platapus? diggory dude? main menu settings menu ui music voices sound fx Mechanic Document Down Under 3rd Person Adventure Puzzle game Mechanics Jump medium to big jump height about 2 character heights. Double jump –this will toss the baby roo out of the pouch If the baby roo gets close to the momma, it will jump right in No sprinting mechanic A spinning move mechanic as a basic attack Jump + attack – will cause a down dive, feet first Need to be able to pick up objects like boxes to solve puzzles A switching mechanism to switch between the momma roo and the baby roo character controls. If the baby jumps out the momma will sit there until you switch to her and control her otherwise. A: Jump, when jumping again in air, the baby will jump out. Small jump if tapped, bigger jump if held. B: Kick, while running, it will be a tail slap. X: Pick up object, or hold to drag and pull a heavy object Y: lay on back while held Left Stick: controls movement of current character Right stick: rotates camera Start: opens menu screen Select: toggles health HUD, that disappears after a few seconds RT: enables running LT: jumps backwards (used to avoid attacks) LB: toggles between characters if separated, if together, Joey will jump out for player to control. RB: throw boomerang if Joey is out of pouch, when boomerang is upgraded, Hold to control boomerang in third person. When releasing RB the boomerang will come back regardless of walls. Combos: Jump + kick: diving attack feet first. This can break through boards on the floor for obstacles, etc. Run + jump + kick: a leaping kick that will stop the character at point of impact, but will push the enemy back significantly far. Lay on back + kick: launches enemies that can break doors or objects, etc. Run + lay on back: slide a significant distance. To be used to go through logs. Lay on back + move: the character will crawl around Health: Three hits till your character faints When hit by a trap or an enemy, your character will blink and be invulnerable for 4 seconds If together, both characters will lose health Each character has separate health—again three hits until your character/s faint There will be two types of food. Grass patches that can heal the character 1 hit point, and carrots that can heal to full health. Enemies: Crocodiles: Crocodiles will walk on patrol paths and won’t chase player. Some will walk on hind legs If kicked, they will get knocked back, and lay flat. After four seconds, they will stand back up. You must jump on their back to kill them. When walking on hind legs, they will swipe at you with their claws. Dealing 1 damage. When on they are crawling, if you get too close to them they will chomp at you dealing 1 damage. To kill, you must jump on their back. Some will only crawl To kill them, jump on their backs Dingos: Easy to kill. When kicked or ‘boomerang’ed, they will ragdoll, then poof to die. They growl and run at character upon sight. Ghosts: they chase player on sight. Can only be killed with boomerang They don’t deal damage. Instead when they get too close, they will grab you and slow you down. Kick to shake them off, they will get stunned for two seconds, then chase you again. If five or more grab you, it is an instant death. Dying and checkpoints There will be unlimited lives. If you die, screen fades to black. You spawn at most recent checkpoint, then screen fades back in. You will be at full health again. There will be checkpoints at old statues with same symbols that are on the boomerang.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Director- Devon Richardson

Lead Systems & Level Design- Johnathon Clark

Art Aesthetic & Character Design Lead- Victoria Quintana

Lead Character Modeling- Evan Evans

Level Design-

Luis Garcia

Evan Mauer

Zachary Gibbs

Modeling Leads-

Reanna Burnette

Travis Chenault

3rd Party Assets-

Stylized Desert Environment - Bad Rhino Game

Ancient Ruins - GG4BB

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