The Door

The Door is a rogue-like narrative RPG based around the simple thought that every action, and the lack of action, has consequenses. The player assumes the role of a person who spends their entire life at home. Your work is done online, and everything you need can be ordered online and delivered to you. The only real opportunity of real social interaction is when people come to your door. But in a neighbourhood like this, you never know who is outside. Look through the keyhole and decide: should you judge a book by its cover, or does your conscience overtake you?
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Jon Andreas Edland

Project Manager/Narrative/Music/SFX/Voice Acting/Additional visuals/Jack-of-all-trades

I-chih Lu

Visual Design/3D models/Character Design

Brage Sekse Aarset


Sebastian Frøyen


Jan Christian Heigl

Additional Voice Acting

Special Thanks

Anders Løkeland Slåke

Jan Christian Heigl