Welcome in Dogg’Home. You play as Jaos, an old and cute doggie who got abandonned by his owners. Your quest is to find your Home using your sense of smell, but are you sure Home is where you expect it to be ? We wanted with this game to convey a sense of empathy to the player, and lead him along to find the meaning of having a Home. What is Home for us ? Well, simply put, Home is where the heart is, the place where you find confort. Home is where you end up during difficult times. If Home is where the heart is then maybe it’s not only your heart you’re going to find at Home. In the huge spaces of Dogg’Home, you are free to explore a forest, a city and a suburban area, follow your instincts, beware of the dangers lurking around, and find your own little piece of heaven.
Jam year: 
Forgive and Fortify (Sponsored by iThrive Games)
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
Keep it simple
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Maya, Photoshop, Substance, Wwise, Reaper
Installation Instructions: 

Download the .zip file, extract it, enter in WindowsNoEditor file and just double click on odorat.exe


Game and Level Design : Pretty much each and everyone of us !

Programming : Antoine Le Guen, Benjamin Gerotto, Thomas Vinadelle.

3D Modelling Environment and Textures : Clara Camou, Marine Saint Aroman.

3D Modeling Characters, Rigging and Textures : Kevin Combret.

Animations and Particles : Maximilien Jeanclaude.

Sound Design and Music : Quentin Baudry.

Game Stills: