Doc Harmony

Doc Harmony is a musical, whimzical, psychological puzzle game with a Steampunk feel. It's intended for those who live in a world of noise and wish more harmony existed in their life. Doc Harmony needs to organize his vast collection of instruments. Every time he goes to his basement, he is confronted with the noise of instruments banging together. It's time to get organized. As the game begins, players are not given any instruction. They are presented with instruments randomly floating and colliding in the space. The sounds caused by the colliding instruments can be pleasing at times in lower levels giving the player enough time to find the right combination of instruments needed to create a harmonic song. If the wrong combination of instruments is deposited into the tray, a sound is presented which is either harmonic or dissonant. Then... If ... the right answer, the game proceeds to the next level. This game is designed to challenge people with short term attention deficits related to stress triggered by dissonance. Completing the puzzle quiets the noise and generates a harmonious song. Each level becomes more and more difficult to complete as the level of dissonance and chaos ensue. How much noise can a person deal with before giving up? Another aspect is that the harmonies become more and more difficult to recognize, as in when an instrumentalist must play in tune. Can you recognize when two notes are in tune and harmonic?
Jam year: 
Language-Independence (Sponsored by Valve Software)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Mike McKay

Alex State

Ken DeVellis

Josh Fernandez

Anita Thompson

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