The ESTRUS the one of the finest ships in the galaxy... Who would have known you would be commanding such beauty. So'lerin one of your best friends is in charge of the engine, he's been around since your first days in the academy. Alice the smartest doctor you've ever seen, is in charge of the BIOHAZARDS & HEALTHCARE center. And You the commander of this ship. Oh there's also Mavelares the cargo's owner... he is... special... grumpy, always mad, pretentious, he's just traveling with his cargo. As you are finishing a call to your family back at your planet using your Hyper-Olomatic-Message-Emitter (a small device in your chest that enables you to talk to others from light years away, almost every one in the galaxy uses one now days.) red flashes and emergency sounds activate all around the ship. COMPUTER: WARNING CRITICAL ERROR, CORE DAMAGED! PLAYER: It can't be... its one of the purest... COMPUTER: INITIATING HTL (also known as Hyper-Light-Travel, it allows ships to travel long distances in the universe in a blink of an eye, very useful to get back home before lunch time.) PLAYER: everyone on-board prepare for an emergency HT.....assadasdasdasd. -as you announce the imminent danger the HTL begins, sickness, nauseous, shapeless, these are the things you feel as you travel, suddenly the ship stops, as you recover from the dizziness you see this planet up ahead. COMPUTER: WARNING! IMMINENT CRASH!
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Keep it simple
Happy Anniversary
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Text Forward Enter

Interact E



Move L Joystick

Interact / Text Forward A


Download and run .exe



Game Design: Heberto Cordero

Story: Jorge Silva // Heberto Cordero

Developers: Jorch Cortéz // Heberto Cordero // Diego Santos

Art: Jimena Fernández // Jorge Aguilar

Music: Mónica Lyrae

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