Defend The Home

Defend The Home developed by Black Cube Games is a co-op tower defence game where you have to protect the home from two evil forces: Anger and Sorrow. The goal of the game is to fight against these forces with the help of your friends with the 3-player co-op feature of the game. To protect the home, each player can move into one of the three orbits which each represent one of the key elements of a real home: Safety, Calmness, and Unity. Each of these orbits has its own unique feature. Slowing the enemy, firing bullets and holding a shield. The player can also move into the home to heal the home. More players in the home means faster healing. The game is complete when the players have resisted all the waves and the game is lost when the home's health reaches 0.
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Power of Community (Sponsored by Mixer)
Keep it simple
It is dangerous to go alone, take this!
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Switch
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Unity (any product)
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Open source code with Unity 2018.3


Amin Shahidi, Mohammad Najafi, Soroush Abbasian, Navid Shadrokh, Vahid Siamaknejad, Majid Rahmani, Ehsan Tahmoures, Hosein Akbari, Mohammad Abbasian


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