You play a young boy who is trying to escape his home because his parents are horrible and are destroying his mental health. In this game you must find different objects in order to be ready to leave and find a mean to unlock the frontdoor. The game is in french. A lot dialogs and subtitles were planned, but unfortunatly we did not have the time to implement them in our build.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
3D on Blender and Autodesk : Maya. Photoshop

Carlos Benedito : Game Developer

Axel Bouquin : 3D Artist

Thibault Barbaroux : 3D Artist

Florian Petitpas : 3D Artist

Léonard Bertos : Story Writter

Simon Nicolau : 3D Artist / Voice Actor (Father) / Illustrator

Dimitri Calleau : 3D Artist

Alice Coste : Voice Actress (Mother)

Maylis Ader : Voice Actress (Sister)

Masami Komuro : Sound Designer / Editor

Matteo Covelli : Junior Sound Designer


Used Font :

Baby Doll made by Denise Bendulan downloadable for free at