The Corrupt Council

4 Players each takes on the role of a council member in a small community. Together they have to decide on which of the propositions that are laid out before the council, is best for the community. But beware! Each member of the council have an ulterior motive, and they will take over the comunnity if their desires are fulfilled! - 4 players, each player will choose a secret "Desire" and a secret "Renounce", 3 different propositions will be laid out for the players each round to choose between, these either play into or against the different players "Desire" and "Renounce". You score a point whenever your desire is leading, and when your renounce is loosing. All the votes are anonymous, and it is encourage to try to decieve your fellow council members. The first player to score 10 number of points wins!
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Installation Instructions: 

1. Unzip :"CorruptCourt_GGJ2019_GAME" folder.  
2. Open "Build Final" folder
3. Launch "Court".exe

OBS make sure Court_Data stays in the same folder as the .exe



Linus Axelsson (Code & Design)

Nina Sas (Art)

Joshua Christiansen (Code & Design)


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