Comfort Zone

Can you keep comfortable during a long bus ride home? In Comfort Zone you're sitting through a long, tedious bus trip on your way back home. Try to keep the mouse cursor inside the green circle, or suffer the consequences. PLEASE NOTE:There's an element in the game that features a mild strobe effect. Since it's better to be safe than sorry, the effect has been disabled by default. You can enable it by ticking the appropriate box in the title screen. Thanks go to: Tuuli Hypén for all the pretty art and Anssi "Pakoon" Alhopuro for the sweet music The rest is all me.
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MS Windows
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Clickteam Fusion Audacity Adobe Photoshop
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All you need is the exe file from the zip


Tuuli Hypén - art

Anssi "Pakoon" Alhopuro - music

Johannes Leino - the rest

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