Building & Sea (Beta version)

English: Tsunami is coming! Build up your home to escape from the disaster! Cooperate with other players, collect floating materials from sea surface and continue build up your home. Features: 1. Maximum 4-Players support (by keyboard, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, or other kinds of joystick) 2. 5 types of materials, apply different effect to your house. Wood is normal material; Store cannot go through in vertical direction; Iron cannot go through in all direction; plastic bag cannot be stand on it. (Sand is unstable, but its function currently is incomplete) How to play: 1. Each player can use arrow key, and other 2 key to jump or pickup/place material. 2. Once all materials of a floor is placed, floor will automatically complete. 3. Avoid staying underwater. 中文: 海嘯節節逼近,唯有合作建設家園才能讓所有人遠離這場災難! 與其他玩家合作,從海面收集漂流物並不斷擴建屋頂。 特色: 1. 支援最多4位玩家同樂(使用鍵盤、Nintendo Switch Joy-Con,或是一般遊戲手把) 2. 5種建築材料,會各自影響你完工後的屋頂。木材提供標準類型的屋頂;石材屋頂阻擋垂直方向的通行;鐵材阻擋所有方向的通行;塑膠袋屋頂無法站立。(沙質屋頂結構不穩定,但目前版本尚未完成) 怎麼玩 1. 每個玩家使用方向鍵以及另外兩個鍵分別執行跳躍與拿取/放置素材的動作。 2. 當一個樓層的材料都放置完成時,該樓層會自動建造完成。 3. 避免待在水中。 Use Enter to add player and start the game Player 1: Arrow Keys and Z (Pick) / X (Put) Player 2: W/A/S/D for move and Q(Pick) / E(Put)
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