Home is warmness and Home is shelter and you have to work to keep it warm. Our Character should keep the fire in his home lit to keep him warm in the snowy world of the game . He does so by searching for more wood in the world outside the house and bringing it back to the house to keep the fire from fading away . He also has to endure the snowy weather and the scary monsters while searching for wood outside the house .
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

open project using unity and build the project


the programmers Amr Khalil and Gehad Abdelhalim

Peter Mohsen (RUSE) our VFX artist, Animator, and UI designer(UI in the gameplay) and the maker of this video
check out his channel

Ahmed Monier our great and skilled Modeling artist.

two young artists still learning Saif Aglan and Mohannad Ayman although their help was minimum, they will get to the level to be able to compete strongly one day.

The monsters were made by online artist named 
"I miss Batman Beyond" from

the human model was made by online artist named 
"Pavel Efremov" from

big shout out to SoundSnap for sponsoring all the event with their library of music in the two days of the competition, their great music allowed our game to be pushed further

the music was made by whitesand 

link to his music

the two songs were redemption and infinite 

Source files: