Watching out the window to your neighbor’s building, he waves at you. You are just two friends playing around at the window. Suddenly a thunder struck and there was no electricity, it’s a BLACKOUT! Another thunder, the light lets you see your friend’s building. You see your friend, he is OK, but he is not alone anymore… In another room, an evil man is glooming… Using your wits you’ll have to guide your friend to the exit! Help him get to safety! The game revolves around how your input influences your friend. Your friend only sees your warnings when in a blackout (the flash doesn’t allow him to see, only you). So you can see where your friend is during the flash, but he can only move during the blackout. You win if you can safely move your friend to the exit, but if the intruder catches your friend, you lose! *Controls* Playstation Controller: Control the lights using the X, Square, Triangle and Circle; Keyboard: Control the lights using the W, A, S, D
Jam year: 
Happy Anniversary
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Game Stills: