Back To Safe Laguna

Aim of our game is to reach a lagoon which is safe home for octopus played in game. Obstacles are garbages submerged in ocean where contact with this causes player to lose points and lifes. Diversifiers: Protect The Oceans - This game shows a problem with oceans pollutions through it many species of animals is dangerous by many kind of garbages. 4'33 - In soundtrack during game is sound which is heard by octopus - a frequencies between 400 and 1000 Hz. In game at finish the Jam was only created one level - but shows elementary mechanics on game. Controls (Keyboard): Arrows - moving of mace; Shift - mace catch rock or objects; Shift+LeftCtrl - mace holding rock and pulls himself up; Enter - mace release an object; Well project will be continued, and more informations will be shown here within near time. Back To Safe Laguna... to be continued! :)
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Protect the Oceans
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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