You are a kawaii nanobot, named Nanomama, inside of the heart of a japanese girl living in tokyo in the year 2576. The girl has Sick Sinus Syndrome, and has to live through each day with a pacemaker and you in order to make it through. As she performs different activities, you will fight to make sure that she stays healthy, and that her heart is not targeted by the viral nanobots, known as the Nanobois, that has become a new disease for humanity. Her heart can’t protect itself because of the Sick Sinus Syndrome, but you can. It is up to you.
Jam year: 
Scale With A Song
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Jareson Vardisec - Writer

Savannah Tomas - Artist

Sarah Bird Blankenship - Artist

William Gottfried - Programmer

Sebastian Shane Armstrong Cooper - Music and Sound

David Hagler - Other