Angry Neighbours

Fully decorate your home, faster than your neighbours! Inside your home you're safe and cozy, and outside everyone is trying to get you... But staying inside won't get you anywhere! A competitive party game for 2 to 4 players, with old school game play and graphics. Made for XBOX controllers and Windows, but playable using keyboard (if you have a good keyboard, and like cuddling up with your friends), and on Mac / Linux (using Mono runtime).
Jam year: 
Always Room for One More (Sponsored by Origin Access)
Keep it simple
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
Tools used: C# + Visual Studio / glfw / FMOD Sound system (Firelight Technologies) / XInput / Tiled / sfxr / Flash / git / Audacity / Paint.NET
Installation Instructions: 

Windows: run GXPEngine.exe.

Mac/Linux: Install Mono runtime, type mono GXPEngine.exe or mono32 GXPEngine.exe in a terminal.

(Edit settings.txt to change resolution)


Erwin Bonsma - Game Design, Programming

Paul Bonsma - Game Design, Programming, Sound Effects

Sjoerd Kuperus - Game Design, Programming, Sound Effects

Joey Poortman - Game Design, Art

HitCtrl - Music

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