You may have mail?

Welcome to the adventures of young Mailboi and his friend Clowdy. Bring a friend with you to help Mailboi find his way around the dark and static filled environment to deliver mail to the correct recipient. Everyday, Mailboi finds himself lost in transmission with nothing but Clowdy the decipher program to decrypt the void mess that is the interwebs. Avoid being corrupted by the void and overcome obstactles such as the awful Firewall *gasp*, work together to get pass hurdles and reach Jesus the saviour server and King server. Only then will Mailboi for fill his prophecy. Features and descriptions - Co-operative gameplay ( bring a friend ) - Platform game - Xbox 360 controller support How to - Control Mailboi by jumping over and pushing obstacles - Control Clowdy to decipher terrains - Void static terrain will corrupt Mailboi's content - Have craic - Use Xbox 360 D-pad to control Mailboi or 'WASD' keys on the keyboard - Use Keyboard arrow keys to control Clowdy
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That Kind-a Game - (Sponsored by iThrive)
ART - Cardboard Challenge
ART - Well-Rounded
CODE - Upside down
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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