Wicked Tower

Challenge yourself in a intriguing puzzle sequence and exercise your mind to transmit the messages between the towers.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Arthur Oliveira - Game design and level design

Fernando Machado - Programming

Janaina Ferreira - Textures and 2d art

Júlia Fernandes - Game design and level design

Lucas Soares - Programming

Mateus Brenner - Sound design

Roger Bif - 3d art


"Bound Sound" by Mike Koenig | http://soundbible.com/1120-Bounce.html

"Blop Sound" by Mark DiAngelo | http://soundbible.com/2067-Blop.html

"Hole Punch Sound" by Simon Craggs | http://soundbible.com/1969-Hole-Punch.html

"Large Bubble Sound" by Snottyboy | http://soundbible.com/1345-Large-Bubble.html

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