We Have Made Contact

A mysterious transmission; an unknown language... can you translate and solve it and send back the appropriate responses? 'We Have Made Contact' is a puzzle game based on a cycle of translating incoming messages and matching radio-wave signals to send back the chosen reply. Be cautious though - a mistranslation or incorrect response could mean doom for you - and for all of humanity...
Jam year: 
AUDIO - Otamatone For Your Sins
DESIGN - Night and Day
MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
Made with Clickteam Fusion: Developer
Installation Instructions: 

Simply unzip the folder and open the exe file to enjoy!


Sunil Bhatoy - Music, Music Engineering, Level Design

Alice Druitt - Programming, Level Design, Narrative Lead

Harry Ashton - Lead Programmer, Puzzle Design

Elliot Swift - Asset Creation, Lead Artist

With Special Thanks to Chris Cox and Adam Oliver for additional programming

Source files: