Under the Sea

A Ruby 2D console game about water cooler chatter under the sea. Simply used the space bar to keep the fish from getting lost at sea. He needs to signal help from his leaders.
Jam year: 
Mac OS X
Technology Notes: 
Gosu, Console Game Art assets Unsplash, Sound by Freesound
Installation Instructions: 

This game runs on Ruby and Gosu Gem, It is a simple console game so you will need to use the terminal

Install Ruby, Run bundle install. Open a terminal.

In the same directory as the game, run bundle ruby game.rb 

Use the keyboard to start the game and make the player jump 


Open Source Images from Unsplash: Clown fish (Wembly-296066) Background JellyFish (Praveen Thotagamuua) 

Sound Cloud: Alex Murphy 53, Dibos Furievos, creature poweder,

Song sound track: https://sampleswap.org/mp3/artist/25401/musiman_End-of-the-glacier-160.mp3

Game Stills: 
Source files: