Petroleum is a time-management/puzzle game set during the 80’s. Player’s must deal with the incoming ships that will attempt to dock at the oil rig over the course of two days. The player takes control of the oil rig’s overseer where their role is to deal with incoming ships through receiving each one’s manifest through a fax machine. Details of the type of ship and what it is carrying will then be sent to the player through the manifesto where they decide if they are allowed to dock and if so which dock they will be sent to. This relates to the theme of transmission because the ships transmitting the fax and then you relay messages to the docks. When we first started generating ideas we wanted the game to really push the theme but still stay true to it. With this we came up with the idea of ships sending messages to docks, the aim is to get the high score which reflects how many ships get approved for docking.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Maya Photoshop
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Open game file and click on the unreal icon will open game.


Marco Carmo

Nick Orchard

Dan Butler

Jacob Daniel Simpson

Jake Tieman

Josh Robinson

Adam Phillips

Ryan Balfe

Niall Platt

Allan J Balloqui

Nathan Lee

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