Transmission #18

An ARG game about the 10 year journey of GGJ. We have received an alien transmission during Global Game Jam. Each year the aliens sense this force coming from all of earth, around this time. They are now determined to discover the source of this force, and have gone searching through our past. Infiltrating our social media, they are leaving clues to the KEY behind the force. The first clue seems to be posted by this alien: As we reach the deadline 2pm CET sunday 27th of January. If you can help us figure this out, you have the chance to win game keys sponsored by Hamar Game Collective Amphora Shadow Puppeteer Among the Sleep and Manual Samuel WARNING: The game starts out hard, with very little clues but new posts will be made regularly so that more people can get it.
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DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Just the power of social media, PDF and Google Drive

Writer and Game Designer - Nadja Lipsyc
Game Designer - Catharina Due Bøhle
Game Designer - Åsmund Kløvstad
Game Designer - Åge Markus Schultz
Writer - Hauk Seim Flåøien
Artist - Lisa Marie Solheim
Artist - Silje Olsen
Artist - Joakim Olsen
Artist - Simen Leander Ingebrigtsen

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