Action RPG using an isometric, top-down camera perspective. The game will involve a scavenger exploring a mysterious world to collect items and fight enemies.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
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Go through the portals, slay the slimes! Earn exp to gain levels and get stronger.

Controls for the Game:

WASD/Arrow Keys for movement.
Space to attack enemies (swing sword).
Shift to run.
F to drink potion (10 sec cooldown, +40% health).
ESC to quit game.

Window is re-sizable and will re-calculate scale of graphics.


Version 0.2 - Known Bugs:
[All Maps] 
- Inventory pre-populated with wrong items and item scaling not fit to box (top right of HUD)
- Resizing the window with ALT+Enter may sometimes crash the display. Need to force quit.
- Stat saving not accurate (MaxHP not updating properly when moving between levels)
- Damage/Armor values not displaying correct numbers.
= After leveling up your stats will increase. Damage is not being calculated properly past level 3. 
= Can still one shot Level 1 enemies as expected, but the indicated damage number is lower than actual dps)
- Gold Chests crash the game. Currently does not render the text box that displays the items/gold obtained. Contents have no textbox to display to.
- Enemies not leveling with the "Completed levels" variable
= Enemies should get stronger with the player, at a roughly even pace, but they're not recalcuating stats properly
- Collisions with desks/boundaries can be forced over
[Snow Maps]
- Collisions with rocks and boundaries are misaligned to center of the map (unseen)
- Transporters are always active even when they shouldn't be.
- Actually activating the teleporter through proper means will permanently loop the audio (should stop the sound when you enter transporter to next level)

Missing Features:
- No Intro Screen
- No Game Over Screen
- Dodge Roll removed until fixed
- No Text/Interactions
- No saving, yet
- Stamina - enjoy infinite dashing that currently doesn't afford much extra survivability

Game Stills: 
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