Transmit your actions to objects in your environment. You'll lose those actions but grant them to the objects! Use your power to make it through this puzzling platformer. Staring TRW-205, the radio dish robot.
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DESIGN - Power down
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
- Piskel - Audacity - Github & Sourcetree
Installation Instructions: 

Controlled via xInput device.

Left Stick : Move
A button : Jump

Right Trigger + A + Point Left Stick : Transmit Jump()
Right Trigger + Y + Point Left Stick : Transmit Move()

Left Trigger + A : Recall Jump()
Left Trigger + Y : Recall Move()

Esc: Quit Game


Justin Capalbo - Sees the Matrix

Matthew Cattron - Dreamer of Big Dreams

Gerald Franklin - Master of Light and Shadow

Andrew Russo - Platforming God


Asset Credits - Thank you!
FONT - Darrell Flood
SOUND - paulnorthyorks - Modified asset -
MUSIC - FoolBoyMedia -



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