Trance- Retro -Mission

In this game the Player takes control of a spaceship on it's mission to explore the cosmos! But you can't see very far and will have to send out a transmission to briefly glimpse the area around you in the search for planets, taking resources and artifacts to exchange for fuel and upgrades. Controls: WASD for movement (A and D for rotating) Hold Spacebar to Ping Hold E when near to interact Things we should probably tell you: There are two types of shops, ones for fuel and ones for upgrades. Refueling costs 5 resources, upgrading costs 2 artifacts There's a barrier of asteroids, probs should not go past that into the nothingness beyond In the bottom right, there is a compass which always points to the center of the map (The Galactic North), it doesn't always point up.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip and play? That should be it ._.

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