There's No Slime For This

A cooperative resource-gathering adventure... You and the person closest to you are ready to eliminate strange colored slimes for their gems. Collect them, refine them and combine them. Then send them off into space to fulfill their orders. REQUIRES 1-2 Xbox game controllers. Controls: - Left Stick: Move - X: Slime zapping face laser - A: Use machines/Cancel machine menu - XYBA: Navigate menus/input strings of buttons - Up/Down D-Pad: Select resource tiers in resource prompts that allow them Basic mechanics: - Kill slimes for level 1 red, blue and green resources. - Use level 1 resources in the FABRIC8Rto get level 2 resources. (Requires 1 "blip") - Combine level 2 resources in the MUT-8Rto make level 3 resources. (Requires 1 "blip") - Use BRN-8R to exchange any resource for blips. - Use Trasmitter to drop in the two resources needed to complete an order and press A to submit it. If your transmission is successful, you get a giant laser + particles covering the screen. Try to get as many orders fulfilled before time runs out. Scoring isn't integrated in the game with any number, but count the number of lasers you get in each session. There's 15 randomized orders. Good luck! And thanks for checking out our game!!
Jam year: 
CODE - Upside down
DESIGN - Created by Warren Robinett
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
All 3D assets made in Blender All 2D assets made in Photoshop CC Music written in Musescore Sound FX made in, changed in Audacity Video edited in Premiere
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip and open the unity project!


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