Terminable Resistance

It is the none too far future and humanity has rushed ahead with applied advancements in both artificial intelligence and nanotechnology. Everything was going so well – with lifespans theoretically quadrupling and global prosperity but within our grasp. The story goes that rogue hackers triggered a runaway hostile mutation in nanite technology – causing some models to replicate uncontrollably. Others believe that a shadowy government agency was responsible for an insidious targeted assassination gone awry. Others still believe that one viral cat video too many might have pushed an AI over the edge. Aiden, a blockchain-based artificial intelligence supposedly named after the Garden of Eden, has turned upon humanity, and in turn the nanites that it used to use for the betterment of humanity’s health became its tool for assassination. For once our backward nature of withholding our best from the rest of the World turned out to be humanity’s saving grace. Those not imbued with nanites and not in a nanite-infested zone stood a chance. Unfortunately much of the technology that we had grown to depend upon had either turned against us or was withheld from us. Much of the internet was lost to us. Such is now the domain of Aiden and Aiden does not share nor does it care. Furthermore, Aiden is coming for the rest of us. Already it has taken over much of the World where it held not a hold. Only areas that were able to hastily engineer anti-nanite electrical forcefields were able to hold them at bay. Where we go from here is anybody’s guess. This is humanity’s last stand.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Tabletop Technology