TeamA @ GGJ NCS 2018 [Yawn - ヨーン]

あなたにも欠伸をさせるゲーム! A game that will make you yawn! Have you ever noticed how seeing someone yawn induces you to yawn too? Morpheus, the Greek god of sleep and dreams, is visiting Japan but the lack of sleep of the Japanese people is making him weaker by the day! After possessing an innocent Unity-chan, he looks for the perfect spot to unleash is quick-trasmitting, sleep-inducing godly yawn. Any bystander who ends up noticing it will yawn too and eventually fall asleep, restoring Morpheus's energy! How many people can you transmit your yawn to in a single try? Will you be able to make the whole Japan yawn? Quicker than sound waves, faster than a jet, Morpheus's yawn spreads through the whole country!
Jam year: 
DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

*****  プランナー  ********************  DESIGN  *****

コミノット・フェデリコ                 Cominotto Federico

*****  CGデザイナー  ************** 3D MODELING  *****

堀井 陽平                                                  Youhei Horii

*****  プログラマー  *************  PROGRAMMING  *****

浦野 元樹                                                 Motoki Urano

濵口 純貴                                            Yoshiki Hamaguchi

秋山 直輝                                               Naoki Akiyama

毛利 匠汰                                                 Shota Mouri

****************  SPECIAL THANKS  ****************

芹田さん                                                Serita-san

木下さん                                                Kinoshita-san

.... そして、あなた!                           .... AND YOU!!

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