Stealth Tactical Extreme Envoy Lobster - STEEL

A furture town suffers from the lockdown of all information. The town, however, hungers for the information and requires someone to aid in this task. There, from the depths of the town, emerge a special service, the Envoy. Designed to carry information and take it to the ones in need of it. The government, however, was not happy and began to chase the Envoy in the city and many times almost succeeded in cathing its pilots. Many times the vehicle was left behind by its pilots and a few weeks later a new Envoy emerges, more powerful than the last one. This time, however, the pilots has no more resources left and it is their last mission so they must deliver as many chunks of information through the town. One last mission... One last tank... It all worthed it...
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
using Uduino, but since it presented some limitations, we were forced to change some designs.

Cleverton Zili - Prog

João Vitor Neves - Prog

Rafael Lopes Lagos - Game Design

Ricardo Minoru - Art

Saulo Bonatto - Art


e ainda 

Leonardo Lima - Música e SFX

Game Stills: 
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