In Stamped, you are a postman in the Middle Ages. Your role ? Receive letters and transmit them. And obviously be aware of the destination, or there will be some... unwanted consequences. Stamped is a narrative game where your choices have sometimes big consequences. The game is set during an alternative Middle Age, in one of the 3 big Nations. Using your position, you can decide to change the destination of a letter of just destroy it, and change this way the future of your country.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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We just have the Source files a the moment because of a problem


Game Design, Scenario and Narrative Design = AWellDressedPhoenix and NooMoak

Programing = LePetitBoosted

Game Art = Aziliz, Cooper and Klaire

Sound Design, Voice Actor and Cinematics = ThatGreenGentleman

Coffee Machine = ThatGreenGentleman

Special Thanks to Maelle for the translation and the pancakes !!!

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