Squawko's Day at The Zoo

Play as Squawko the parrot on his trip to the zoo, a point-and-click puzzle game about helping the zoo animals escape!
Jam year: 
ART - My eyes are my ears
AUDIO - A Bold Choice
DESIGN - I’ll be there in a minute
DESIGN - Feathered Friends
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
Art made using: Adobe Illustrator CS6, Adobe Photoshop CS6, and FireAlpaca ~~ Music / Sound effects made using: Pro Tools 10 and Logic

Sarina - All art, All coding, All sound effects, project management

Kevin - Puzzle creation/puzzle solution, emotional support <3

GJ - Help when the code got tricky, support and guidance ! ^_^

Alyssa - All music! ( Fitting and not fitting )

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