Spacing Out

Welcome to the Stellar Delivery Service! You have been assigned to the SDS Sand-Witch as its acting Captain. With your rank comes access to the Employee Positive Influencer, which you will use to ensure the crew stays on task and content. The crew of the Sand-Witch are known for being difficult to manage, but we have faith in your abilities and in the EPI. Your mission is to carry a very important cargo from Earth to one of our interstellar colonies, Sigma Alpha Nu Delta Which. Deliver it on time, and don’t explode. Godspeed Captain! Spacing Out is a single person game about mind control and space travel. You control four crewmembers on a spaceship as they hurtle towards a far away planet. You can only control one of your lazy crew at a time, so plan ahead and don't get stuck.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Open the .zip folder and extract to your desktop. Make sure both the .exe file and the game file are in the same area. Then run the .exe file and enjoy!



WASD = Drone movement

Left Click/Spacebar + Direction = Dash

E and Q = Switch drone controlled

ESC = Menu


Controller (Unstable, not all controllers work)

Left Stick = Drone Movement

Right Stick = Choose Drone

A = Dash


Earl of Sandwich: Zack Gilbertson

Dean of Sandwich: Stefen Menzel

Knight of Sandwich: John Bode

Secretary Sandwich: Andrew Herbst

Duke of Sandwich: Lane Branwall

Pope Sandwich: Duy Phan

Sand-Wizard: Bryan Schumann

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