Snake & Snake

An anti-co-op heist game where wto players, with various levels of mistrust, have to work together to steal a safe in a treacherous map filled with cameras, drones, and a mongoose security guard with only limited amounts of information... from either party. Player one takes control of the thief. The thief transverses the map with no map, limited vision, and only its wits. Player two is the hacker. The hacker has access to the entire view of the map, can take control of cameras and drones, and can navigate the thief to the safe. Along the way there is extra loot to steal which can be totally yours... as long as the other guy doesn't know about it.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Installation Instructions: 

Extract files from ZIP folder into a new folder.

Click on the Unity Icon.

Enjoy game.




Jose Esquivel - Art

James Isbell - Programming

Victor Isbell - Development

Source files: