Silky Way

Control a network of robotic spider-shaped relay drones, to transmit a stable signal from one side of each level to the other. You can only control spiders while they are part of the collective network (close enough to the signal transmitter or to other connected spiders). You must create a stable chain of spider relays from the transmitter to the receiver, and maintain a stable signal for enough time to continue to the next level. CONTROLS: WASD to move the spiders. Arrow keys to switch spider selection - you can also click and drag with the mouse to select one or several spiders (multiple spiders will move simultaneously, albeit with less control). Ctrl helps select multiple spiders. Escape to quit, R to restart. K to kill selected spiders (useful if you get stuck but don't want to restart). PLOT: The year is 2002. Humanity is but a remnant of its former self, reduced to a few small safe havens after everyone else has succumbed to the Wi Fi Epidemic - a disease spread by the rampant use of wireless networks that humans used to enjoy. Now, after years of living in struggle, the human laboratory in Lake Baikal has finally developed a cure - and we must send it to the factories in Johannesburg. But the outsides are too dangerous for any living being to traverse, with some places covered by the molten flesh-lava that has once been people like us. Our only way to transport the cure's coded blueprints is the old-fashioned way - through a network of short-range relay robots, attempting to bridge the trans-continental gap of information and establish a stable communications channel.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Itamar Curiel - programming and Unity handling

Yaniv Cogan - art + programming

Kfir Nissim - level design + programming

Yuval Levy - music and sound effects

Lava and wall tiles were used with a CC license from Kenney (google it!).

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