Players traverse a world in ruins, encountering enemies and collecting loot. The goal is to complete a secret mission and get to the mysterious tower.
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ACCESSIBILITY - I can see clearly now
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Players start at their bases in the corners of the board.

The goal is to complete a secret missions and travel to the mysterious tower in the middle of the map.

First mission is to get to the tower to get your secret mission (collect X red items or X coins, defeat x players ect). Other players may interfere with the missions to slow each others progress. When a player has completed the secret mission they have to get  to the middle of the map alive.

One turn contains: Movement, (possibly) drawing action-card, (possibly) combat and looting.

Players move by drawing 2 movement cards and choosing one. You can get movement bonuses from items and abilities.

If a player lands on action-tile they draw an action card. These cards contain enemy encounters, treasure, travelling salesmen and doctors ect.

The map contains special tiles such as Caves, Market, Witch doctors hut, Training ground

Cave: Player can travel from a Cave to another by paying 1 coin and losing the next turn.

Market: Player draws 4 item cards and can sell loot and buy items (price +1 coin)

Witch Doctors Hut: Heal 4 HP for 2 coins



Design, art:

Retu Hämäläinen

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