In SETI, two to four players take on the role of administrators of a radio telescopes located around the world. each of their facilities is working hard scanning various radio signals from space to see if they will be the one to find signs of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence. Players will complete sets of cards in order to add more telescopes (of various sizes) to their arrays, while trying to manipulate a common radio signal (shared by all players) in order to match the signal their facility is studying (secretly determined by die roll at the start of the game).
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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As a physical game, I have provided you with all the printebales in one (1) .pdf file. Any physical items---dice, colored markers, and blank playing cards---will need to be acquired in the real world on your end. I also provided a brief PowerPoint presentation in the press sub-directory which gives an overview of the game (be sure and Use Presenter View when you run it, so you can read all the notes).


SETI: the card game was designed by Chris Williams; based on the card game Louts by Jordan and Mandy Goddard.

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