Sergeant Transmission: Pigeons of War

It's a II WW. You are a pigeon, a war pigeon. Your main goal is to capture important delivery and bring it to your base before your opponent do that! Watch out for obstacles and don't get caught.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
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Game can be played in two modes: locally in split screen and via network (inside of LAN).

Game is the best when played with game pad:
Right trigger - accelerate
Left thumb-stick - turning
Right thumb-stick - rotate camera
A - dash

When played with keyboard:
player 1:
wsad - turning
yghj - rotate camera
space - accelerate
left alt - dash

player two:
arrows - turning
numeric 4568 - turn camera
right shift - accelerate
right ctrl - dash

(In menu use wsad, enter and backspace)

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