A ghostly visual novel from under the sea! You really miss your grandma, so much so that you venture out to find her ghost! On your adventure you meet a colorful cast of ghosts who guide you on the path to your good 'ol granny. But beware, if you say the wrong thing to these spirits, they might just spook you to an early grave! Full of humor and all kinds of spunk, Seance is a narrative based game that will have you laughing down the deep blue sea. - Goldfish! - Divers! - Sexy captains - Oh my! Find all of these and more in Seance, the latest visual novel from the makers of Labors of Love. This game was made during the 2018 Global Game Jam by students attending Ringling College of Art + Design.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Current version of game uploaded is just a demo of the full game

Head Programmer \\ Kelsey Watkins
Character Artists \\ Nikki Azzopardi, Jasleen Rehsi, Sam McCollum
Background Artist \\ Claire Maker
Title and Ending Screens \\Sung Ho Kim
3D Modeler \\ Tahoe Bautista
Writers \\ Tom Pinto, Jasper Egan
Assistant Programmer \\ Elis Hullick