Sayonara Mr. Roboto

"Bipedus Steve, this is mission control! This is an emergency, I repeat, THIS IS AN EMERGENCY. Protocol Kraken has activated. Here are your following instructions; An active robot spy from planet Calamary has stolent vital information and is currently transmitting them to its mothership. The transmission is too secure for our hacker to stop it. You have very little time. You need to identify the robot and kill it! According to our sources, the robot you are looking for is going to make an unusual noise. You should hear it well if you pass by him. You have failed us too many times Bipedus Steve. See this as a chance for redemption. Failure will NOT be accepted. Oh and... Try not to kill too many civilians, or else... Now go and finish this mission as fast as possible!" 2 players co op game/ One player plays as Bipedus Steve (the eye), another plays as the handler (the ear). RULES_ Player one: Look at the screen, use the controler to move the character across the map. Press X (playstation controler) to buzz suspect. Player two: Don't look at the screen, use the headset to analyse and hear the sounds. Help the player one to locate the robot.
Jam year: 
ART - Stranger Things
ART - My eyes are my ears
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


  • Maxime Hardy
  • Maxime Jacob
  • Joshua Murphy


  • Charles Forest-Latour
  • Mélina Lopez-Racine


  • Ludovic Bernier-Hardy


  • Léandre Monette
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