RTS - Radio Transmission Strategy

You play as a general sending out orders to your troops via radio transmission. Unfortunately, you do not know exactly where your troops or the enemy is, and have to rely on the information they give back to you to keep track of where you think they are. As an aid, you have tokens on your map of the scene of the battle you can place where you think they are, and use to decide what orders to give. You win the battle by controlling cities for points until you reach the goal. There are three different unit types with their own base stats and modifiers to damage and movement.
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Cartographer - (Sponsored by Mapbox)
ART - Well-Rounded
MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Lead developer Marco Plüss​ 

Programing Paul Magnus Sørensen-Clark & Simon Filip Berg

3D modeling by Trym aka Theonian & Anna Kalvsjøhagen 

Concept art/ cover art by Jamal L Montia

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