Ritual Hero

One of the older forms of transmission... Knowledge! Passed through generations, told from master to pupil... And with knowledge, power... And with power, corruption! Pass on your wisdom and reach the old god, awake him from his slumber! But beware, each mistake weakens the ritual... He awaits us! Intructions: Watch and listen carfully for the ritual instructions. You will have to repeat each simbol spoken. The ghost will transmit the ritual to the next summoner, if you miss a part of the ritual the message will proceed with missing parts and you will have to guess. Only the perfect message will summon the strongest demon. And remember, only the best demons are worthy of your soul.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Audacity for audio assets AssetForge for 3D assets Gimp for 2D assets
Installation Instructions: 

The game has no installation.

To run the game, run the RitualHero0.exe from the release folder.


Felipe Carvalho Padilha

Guilherme Lourenço Silva

Kevin Lourenço Tomé

Nayara Consuelo Gomes Rangel Lourenço

Pedro dos Santos Miranda

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