Rise of the superpower

GAME IDEA: Try to defeat the opponent(s) by destroying them to the last piece. Gather resources and develop different techniques to beat the enemies varying from different troops to cruise missiles and nukes. Build cities all the way from underground to space stations and try to stay alive as long as possible. STORY IDEA: You've received the transmission; the doomsday clock has struck midnight and nuclear annihilation is imminent. JAM GOALS: Single-player versus a rudimentary AI opponent, each player has 1 command base. Victory/defeat condition of destroying the enemy command base/getting your command base destroyed. 3 units/weapons to use (main battle tank, cruise missile, ballistic nuke). Automatic resource accumulation over time. Resource management gameplay by picking which unit/weapon to use and when. 2D graphical assets for all gameplay components, screens and objects. Tracks of music with transitions, sound effects.
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MS Windows, Linux / Unix
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Cocos 2D
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We used Python and cocos2d library. The project can be opened for example with PyCharm and by adding cocos2d package to project and running the Game.py. We couldn't create working executables for Windows, Linux or Mac because they couldn't see then see the required cocos2d library when run. Graphics were created using GIMP. Music and sounds were crafted using LMMS and Audacity.

Sakari Korpi: game design and art direction. Pekka Heikkilä: music and sound design. Tapani Niemi & Sami Korpela: programming. Mikko Lahti: graphics design.

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