Rippie is a reaper apprentice that is sent to do it's job, collect human souls, on a daily basis by death herself. The problem is that Rippie hasn't got a degree in reaperology in the University of Mayhem yet, so his ethereal form is rather week and can't live outside a host, so he must time his posessing right: if he stays inside a host for to long the little animal will die and he might not be able to reach his goal, or he might, but could you live with killing cute animals?
Jam year: 
AUDIO - A Bold Choice
CODE - Upside down
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Technology Notes: 
Live was used for the music and Photoshop for the art.

Juan Franco Caracciolo - Programador
Julian Benitez - Programador
Maximiliano Disipio - Arte
Adrián Novell - Diseño
Matías Parkman - Música
Tomás Vittino - Diseño

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