Redneck's Conspiracy Theory

Playing the role of a extra-terrestrial-obsessed redneck you use your skills to detect and determine what our galactic "friends" are trying to tell us. Using a old radio, in his own barn, Emmett must figure out how to clean out the signal. By using all them dials and whackadoodles on the radio interface the player must clean the signal in order to understand the hidden message. Once the message has been discovered the player must decide if it's a hostile or friendly creature. This way you can help Emmett by selecting either to notify the press about other life forms contacting Earth (Friendly) or by calling the Sheriff, to round up all the boys for ol' good shootin' time (Hostile).
Jam year: 
AUDIO - Player Remixer
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Alex Koxaras - Programming / Art (?) / Video

Theologos O'Neill Linakis - SFX / Music / A bit of Programming


Many thanks to the following people/team for their help:

Harry Alisavakis

Aris Koxaras

George Polizopoulos

ViRa Team

Game Stills: