Receiving Transmission

Our game is a mobile game that players can enjoy offline. The game is similar to a board game, but does not use cards or dice. We call this a combination of digital and analog. If you have a device with a game installed, you can enjoy 2 to 6 people together. You have to rescue people who are damaged by zombies and trapped on the roof of a building. Control the helicopter right now!
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Android device
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Unity (any product)



Here's how to play.

1. Find people to play games with
   It is better to set penalties for the last.
    If you were one ...

2. Set up participants before starting the game
   You can have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 people.

3. Set the order and go back one by one.

4. Your turn is placed at the end of your choice.
  'A'. Try to rescue.
  'B'. Escape safely.

5. If you choose 'B', you can pass on to the next person safely.
   However, if you choose 'A', you will have one card behind you.
   And ... you get or lose points.
The types and number of cards in the stack are as follows.
(An inverted card is removed from the card stack.)

 1 point: 10 sheets
3 points: 15
5 points: 5
Chapter 7: Chapter 3
-5 points: 10 sheets
-7 points: 2 sheets
fail card: 10 sheets

(55 cards total)

6. The player can choose 'A' to continue reversing the card until he wants to.
  If you select 'B', you can get 3 additional points for your turn this turn.

7. But if you pick a fail card before you choose 'B'!
  Your score is treated as a zero point and immediately passed on to the next person.
  There is also the worst case.
  If you get a fail card with a score less than zero ...
  The deduction point is applied twice.

8. When the number of players participating in the game reaches + 2 fail cards
   The game is over and hits the top with the score so far.
    (You can do that if you want to find the first place!)

9. Another way to end the game is to ...
    Everyone in the game chooses 'B' in a row.
      When everyone gives up rescue, the future of mankind and the game is over.


Designer: Myeong Jin Yang 
Programmer:  Sang Mok Yu
Artist: Kyoung Won Kim

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